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FRIO 65 QT ROTOMOLD COOLER With vinyl wrap - USA Flag

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Patent No. US 10,822,217 B2 on Built-In Light Bar

    1. Too dark to find your beverage? No worries! This cooler comes equipped with a light built right into the interior of the lid!
    2. Holds 100 Cans w/ Sufficient Ice
    3. Exclusive Stainless Steel Latches Make Opening & Closing Easy
    4. Motion Sensitive Light Attached Inside the Lid
    5. Built-In Fish Ruler on the Lid
    6. Rubber Non-Skid Feet Prevents Sliding
    7. Heavy Duty Seal Locks in the Cold
    8. Handy Lockable Feature to Prevent Theft
    9. 2.25" Polyurethane Insulation Keeps Your Drinks Cold for Days
    10. Made Out of Heavy Duty Rotomolded Plastic
    11. Comfort Grip Rubber Handles
    12. Product color may slightly vary due to lighting
  • With the cooler properly pre-cooled before adding ice, it will last 5 days in sub 90 degree and 3-4 in 90 degree plus heat
    1. Size: 32"L x 17.75"W x 16.5"H
    2. Weight: 32 lbs
    3. Capacity: 65 Quarts or 100 cans w/ sufficient ice