Custom Label Series 6 Can w/ 3 Panel Customization

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  • The Frio 6 Can Cooler holds ice for up to 8 hours! Featuring an easy carry handle & cup holder lid molding for convenient use! Economy-sculpted, polyurethane interior body with injection molding for long lasting insulation! - Includes 3 Panel/ Laminated 3M Vinyl Wrap - Holds 6 Cans - Easy Carry Handle - Cup Holder Lid Molding - Polyurethane Interior Body - Injection Molding Capacity Size: 7.5"W x 10"L x 6.25"H Capacity: 6 Cans or 5 Quarts Ice Retention Holds ice for up to 8 hours!
  • 1 Year

No warranty available for this product.