Frio Vault Backpack - CCA

Made in Texas! Made in the USA! FREE SHIPPING Our coolers are hand made right here in Texas.  Lead time may vary depending on style ( 1-2 weeks).
    1. Includes plenty of storage: 2 mesh side pockets w/ adjustable size velcro enclosure
    2. Adjustable shoulder strap w/ snap together strap on the front
    3. Double zipper for quick access
    4. 18.5 oz coated vinyl w/ smooth matte finish
    5. 600 denier polyester w/ PVC backing
    6. Easy Grip carrying handle
    7. 2 molly loops for keys and accessories on the bottom
    8. 6 molly loops for accessories on the shoulder straps
    9. Easy funnel drain system to remove water quickly
    10. Clamp down strap for spill proof top
    11. Cold seal foam ply technology holds ice for up to 2 days
    12. Light weight and comes with a leak proof soft side liner
    13. Made in the USA!
    14. Made in Texas!
    1. Holds Ice for up to 2 Days!
    1. Size: 7.25"L x 13.5"W x 14.75"H
    2. Weight: 5 lbs
    3. Capacity: 18 cans w/ sufficient ice