Fishing Flounder Ideas from a Flounder Professor

Fishing Flounder Ideas from a Flounder Professor

There is not much I can say about the weather here in Texas that will surprise you. This week it was seventy degrees plus, and within an hour it was in the fifties. I am happy to say that the flounder are just about everywhere again, including the flats. As the temperatures start to rise, the more flounder you will find in the marshes and skinny flats that have retreated from the depths. Each article that I write, I notice the flounder numbers rise and the sizes going from 13-16 inches to a more steady 17 inches plus (averaging about three pounds each).


This week I think there were only two nights that the wind was in our favor, even if it was only for a few hours. We found sixteen the first night (and had to stop early because of prior engagements) or the number would have become thirty fish pretty quickly. The tides are up about a foot in many places, making it much easier to get in to the narrow areas where I normally would have to get out of the boat to catch the flounder. They are still holding close to the shore (inbetween three & six feet) during incoming tide and part of the outgoing tide. I also noticed that lately I can find them in a number of different terrains, usually anywhere they can find a place to ambush some bait. The flounder usually have an assortment of contents in their bellies from small shad, to baby redfish, and plenty of mullet.


On last nights escapade we managed to catch 11 Flounders in just 45 minutes before the wind got unbearable. As for rod and reel fishing, they have been very hungry, and almost willing to bite anything you present in front of their face. Once I find a color that works, switching the colors is not something I often do. I must say the new bone color from chickenboy was off the chain in these dirty waters, paired with a Texas Rattler Jig in 1/8th tandem rigged has been a show stopper.


If your not sure what a tandem rig is, you can go to my You Tube “ Flounder Professor Outdoors “ and I have a video showing how to tie one. I believe that it works well because it keeps it on the bottom better, and with twice the bait it should catch the eye of a fish that much quicker. I would also suggest a live finger mullet or mud minnow Carolina rigged on a point with water flowing around it. That is exactly where a nice flounder should be waiting. After these winds die down in late May and June the gigging is going to be phenomenal. 


The only difference between now and then is the winds, so don’t be afraid to get out there and give it a try. Until next time, tight lines and sharp gigs. Do not hesitate to message me with any questions, thats what I am here for. 


Brian Joseph Spencer
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