5 Super Bowl Party Must-Haves

5 Super Bowl Party Must-Haves

Super Bowl parties give us all a chance to watch the year’s biggest football game while spending quality time with friends and family and feasting on tasty snacks.  If you’re hosting the party, you have a little bit of preparation ahead of you. Not sure where to start? The following must-have items should be on your list:


If your favorite team is in the running, it doesn’t hurt to pick up a banner or some streamers in your team’s colors.  (And don’t forget to wear your jersey!)

Drinks and Related Accessories

Load up on a few varieties of beer.  But be sure to pick up some soda and non-alcoholic drinks for those who don’t indulge.  You’ll also want to stock up on ice, bottle openers, and cups.


You’re charged with keeping all the beers and drinks chilled, and if you’re expecting a big turnout, your fridge may be not be big enough.  Frio offers several cooler options to suit a wide variety of needs.

  1. Hardside coolers come in many different colors and sizes, up to 65 quarts.
  2. Softside coolers are easily portable, if the party moves outdoors.
  3. Retro, Cedar, and Label coolers offer bold designs and high functionality.

Whatever your needs are, there’s a cooler just right for your Super Bowl party.


Finger foods – chips, pizza, wings, dips, crudité – are best for big shindigs like this.  They cut down on your need for utensils and lessen the probability of big spills and stains.  Make sure you have enough plates, bowls, napkins, and serving trays for your dishes.


You’ll likely need to rent or borrow some folding chairs and additional tables to avoid crowding around the couch.

If you pick up everything on this list, your party will be one to remember regardless of whether your team takes home the Lombardi trophy.



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